My name is Olga Lucia Torres, and I became a person with disabilities after surviving a brain injury. I also live with a pituitary adenoma, lupus, and 5 other auto-immune diseases. What can I say, I’m a bit of an over-achiever!

How did I overcome so much? Living with gratitude and having a positive outlook, even during tough times. I now talk and write about living well with illness.

I came up with a way to manage my doctor appointments by creating a medical resume. Download yours today!

Your Story Our Fight® Podcast

Season 2 Episode 22

Hosted by the Chairman of Lupus LA and lupus patient himself, Adam Selkowitz, patients from all walks of life share stories about their unique lupus journeys. With a focus on inspiration and hope, Lupus LA’s podcast provides support and optimism to a patient community looking for assurance that they are not alone.

Do No Harm: Language Barriers, Invisible Disabilities and Patient Care

Hosted by the American Board of Internal Medicine

I spoke with Dr. Baron about the difficulties in healthcare when English is not a patient’s primary language, the role of narrative medicine in understanding how to communicate, how patients can and advocate for themselves and how physicians can be more inclusive.

Promoting Health Equity and Better Outcomes by Addressing Social Needs

Hosted by National Patient Advocate Foundation

Watch as I talk about facing and overcoming multiple, serious health issues, and provide practical advice for how health care providers can avoid both explicit and implicit bias in delivering care to patients with diverse backgrounds or for whom English is not the first language.

I’m Walking to End Lupus. Join Me?

I participate in the walk every year because I’ve been sick my entire life: starting with asthma, then a pediatric pituitary adenoma in my teens, later developing lupus, Raynaud’s disease, Sjogren’s disease, arthritis, scleroderma and Jaccoud’s arthropathy, finally suffering a devastating brain injury that left me disabled.

I now identify as an advocate, survivor, and mother of a miracle daughter. I write op-eds about what it’s like to live with lupus and the other health conditions I have. I hope to inspire many people to learn about lupus, donate, and walk with us.

18 minutes is the average time to wait past your appointment time until you can hear “the doctor will see you now.”

My name is Olga Lucia Torres, and I’m living with 5 auto-immune diseases. I use my experiences to help people see the value of adopting a “PROFESSIONAL PATIENT” mindset. It can empower you to be your own self-advocate while navigating your health and wellness journey.

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